{Lifestyle Photography: Lititz, PA}

We took advantage of a lovely fall day in Lititz, PA. This is the most picturesque town I've ever seen! I'm still trying my hand at portrait photography and using my oh so patient husband as my model of choice. Enjoy! (Please excuse some of the larger pictures, I just started learning how to increase the size on blogger)


We found the most adorable ducks at the Lititz Springs Park. They were such little hams too!


{Lifestyle Photography: Birthday party}

My nephew's 4th birthday party was a ton of fun despite the impending fall weather that brought rain, clouds and cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of pictures because the dismal lighting underneath the pavilion was tricky for an amateur such as myself. But little kids don't mind yucky weather or poor lighting, they still had lots of fun! Enjoy!

Now you see it... Now you don't! Girls can be so cruel!

The beautiful lake where the party was