Sara + John: Engaged | Mt. Nittany Winery - State College, PA

Sara and John are such a great couple!  Not only is their love obvious and their happiness apparent, but they are just the nicest couple and so much fun to be around :)  When I mentioned wanting to shoot an engagement session at a winery, Sara was one of the first ones to contact me and I couldn't wait to get these two in front of my camera.  Unfortunately our first session was cancelled due to tornado warnings (yeah 60 mph winds really kill a good hair day) so we rescheduled for the fabulous Mount Nittany Winery in State College, PA.  Such a gorgeous winery!  And judging by the empty wine bottle at the end of the session, apparently their wine is VERY good as well :)

Their natural love is so beautiful and comfortable, CANNOT wait to document their October wedding at the beautiful Peter Allen House in Harrisburg, PA.  Enjoy!

Love love LOVE Sara's dress and the way it perfectly (yet so easily) drapes.

They enjoy visiting wineries, so this was the perfect location choice.

Did I mention Sara has the most beautiful hair?!  Please share your secrets!!


A Week In Review | Edition 3

So I didn't say it would be every week, right? After all, I probably don't have that many interesting things to share every I may skip a week (or three, sorry!) here and there :)  Even though July is supposed to be all fun + sun, there have been a few work-related ventures.

Like when we woke up and planted this tree promptly at 8am Saturday morning.  Our neighbors seriously think we're weird.  But it's a tree that needed to be planted.  Especially in July.  In a drought-like situation.  There was some blood sweat and tears.  Mainly sweat and mud though.  But I'm happy to report it's in the ground and, hopefully, happy!

My brain is no longer capable of keeping track of my work and/or personal life, so I've started writing it down on a BIG calendar.  I keep things in my iPhone for everyday viewing, but when I need something to really jump out at me and demand I do it NOW.  This works great.  If only I could keep my calendar updated...that's next week.  By the way, check out July 20, 21, 22...  :)

On the food front, we made an amazing breakfast of Belgian waffles the morning after our last wedding.  YUM.  My fruit du jour was bananas and Aaron's: raspberries.  He doesn't like bananas. 
 I know - crazy, right?

Save yourself the $3.50 and DO NOT buy these chips.  They are Doritos rebranded.  I love guacamole.  So I thought hmm no time to make guacamole, this should save a step.  WRONG.

For some reason, Aaron and I have found ourselves in Gettysburg quite frequently this summer.  So I thought I might visit my Great-Great Uncle.  No really, he's my Great-Great (there may be 3 Greats) Uncle and a GREAT Uncle.  General James Longstreet.  If you don't know who he is,  you should.  He's KIND OF a big deal!  The crazy part is, we can actually see a resemblance to my Dad and Uncle...even in the statue.

I'm lovin' all these summer time flowers.  I wish I could just plant my entire property full of lush flower gardens.  And Aaron would gladly water them all. 

Beyond blessed with my amazing clients.  I'm in mid-edit of several and can't resist sharing.
A 4 month old, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old.  And they're all looking my way.  Victory!
 I went to school with Mom and it brings me so much joy to see her with such a beautiful family.  And this super sweet baby girl!

Beyond gorgeous bride, can't wait to finish up this wedding and blog!

Fun senior session and he brought his dog - SO cute!

Have a fabulous week!!


Dani + Jeff: Married | Wilson College - Chambersburg, PA Wedding

Dani + Jeff.  Jeff + Dani.  No matter how you slice it, this couple is the real deal.  I remember when they came to my studio for a client meeting; I loved them right away and knew I had to shoot their wedding.  I was so smitten that I sulked for several days after until I received the email that they wanted me to shoot their wedding.  I did my little victory dance/fist pump as I always do when I book a wedding that I'm excited about and knew it was going to be a fabulous day. Well, I was right.

It wasn't just the beautiful, white (light + bright too!) church, or the super cute bridesmaid dresses, or even the super yummy food at the reception.  But it's Dani + Jeff as a couple.  They are SO in love.  And not only just in love, but best friends as well.  They are each wonderful in their own way, but together they are a dynamic couple who is loved by so many.  Their friends and family made us feel like guests with really fancy camera gear.  We shot for almost 11 hours that day, but didn't work one second.  I laughed (a lot), cried (seriously, hand-written vows?!), and even laughed so hard I cried.  Their wedding reminds me why I love this amazing, crazy, challenging career.

Congratulations again Dani + Jeff.  You two deserve all of the absolute best in this life and I know you will live each day to it's fullest.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to document the most important day of your relationship.

The whole wedding party was SO fun!  They were definitely not the 'line up and smile' kind of party :)

Originally Dani + Jeff did not want to see each other before the ceremony, but closer to their day they changed their minds.  And if this image isn't evidence enough, they both told me if was the BEST decision they made.  They felt more relaxed and at ease after seeing each other.  Jeff looks completely taken back (and breathless!) at the gorgeous sight of his bride.

To say they were excited is an understatement.

Wilson College is a beautiful campus and the perfect venue for a wedding.

Best. Reception. Ever.