Jake + Hannah: Maternity

This couple is very near and dear to my heart.  I'm sure they look familiar - they were only plastered all over my blog and website for the past year!  In fact if you check out my blog header, one of their wedding photos is currently up there.  In addition to them placing their trust in me for their wedding photography, they've also allowed me to be part of their growing family as well.  I could not be happier for Hannah and Jake.  This couple radiates happiness and every time I'm around them (I've had the honor of photographing them 4 times now!) I leave with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.  This session was from earlier in the summer and they just welcomed little Lucas into the world 2 weeks ago (more on that in a later post!).  Congratulations guys, you deserve all the happiness in the world! 





These two are so photogenic!




One of my favorites!

Gorgeous lighting...


Hannah - you are absolutely beautiful!






Coming Right Up

Lots of great posts on their way from the many fabulous newborn, family, children, and senior sessions I've been blessed with recently!  I had to share a few previews because I'm impatient like that.  I promise all my posts won't be previews of what's to come...there will be actual full posts coming right up!  But for now enjoy this ridiculous cuteness!


Payton + Family

Back in July I had the pleasure of meeting Payton and her family in celebration of her first birthday.  I loved working with this family - they are super nice, fun, beautiful, and full of love!  I was overwhelmed with Payton's cuteness during this session, but how could I not be?  She's one of those children that pull you in with those big brown eyes - I'm sure glad I'm not the one who has to try and tell her no!


See, I told you!


One of my favorites from the session!

Loving this yummy morning light



She was so good and the perfect little model!


Wonder if she's a Daddy's girl?  I'm going to have to go with "yes" on this one!

Some Mom and Dad time.  Such a good idea to get a professional photo just as a couple...especially since the last time was, more than likely, at your wedding!




First Fridays in Greencastle was such a huge success!  I was able to meet so many great people and chat about everything from photography to St. Bernards (which by the way, I fell head over heels in love with a giant St. Bernard that consequently slobbered all over my dress and table cloth!).  The turn out was way better than I expected and it enabled a wide variety of people to take a gander at my work.  Other than the business side of success, it's a huge personal success to sit behind your work and believe in it (and yourself) enough to showcase it to the public.  In person....and not hidden behind a computer. 

For those of you who don't know, here's Greencastle.
first fridays-1767

It's a nice quaint little town. I love small towns with a fabulous downtown. Chambersburg and Greencastle are certainly on the right track.
first fridays-1768

Here's my set up!  Right in front of a shoe store...smart, I know!
first fridays-1714
And here's me!  I think this may be my first time on the blog!  Photo taken by the fabulous Aaron Rotz :)
first fridays-1718

I'm pretty awkward in front of the camera...I have no idea what to do!  Thankfully I'm blessed with clients who are waaaaay cooler than I am.  This is why I'm behind the camera, not in front!
first fridays-1741

Here he is.  This man is everything.  He helps picks me up when I fall, pushes me when I can't, and encourages me to reach for the impossible.  Without him half of what I do could not be possible, so I think he earned a little spot on the blog!
first fridays-1724

LOVE those frames in the background.  They come from a company called The Organic Bloom and I sell them!
first fridays-1726

Some sweet photo goodies.
first fridays-1727
first fridays-1732

In addition to photography, I love gardening!  These hydrangeas came straight from my garden.
first fridays-1725

I was lucky enough to have some of the cutest visitors.  Look at how proud Uncle Aaron is!
first fridays-1744

I just couldn't resist taking a photo, it's a disease I swear, but with all this beauty how could I resist?!  And check out those eyelashes...what a lucky girl.
first fridays-1747

And the other cutest kid in the world.  I'm such a lucky Aunt!
first fridays-1760

So all in all it was a great experience and next month I will be in Chambersburg for First Fridays.  I will update with more information as I have it!


Come Downtown!

On the first Friday of every month a lot of small towns hold a "First Fridays".  It's the perfect way to get people downtown!  Too often we forget about the small boutique stores and mom and pop shops and go straight for Target.  Don't get me wrong, I love Target, but it's vital to a town's economy to support these stores and restaurants.  And more often than not, the downtown stores and restaurants offer speciality items and quality services that you can't find anywhere else.  Sort of like custom photographers vs. mall studios....but that's another blog post for another day!  Anyway, not only are the stores participating in First Fridays, but local artists get to set up in front of these fabulous shops as well!  So, I'm excited that I have the opportunity to participate in Greencastle's First Fridays for August!  This event is taking place tomorrow (Fri. Aug. 5) from 5-8pm downtown Greencastle.  I will be set up in front of E.L.M. Shoes and might even get all dressed up for the occasion!  If I didn't already give you enough good reasons to come visit me, here's a better one: if you book a session during this event (as in, you come down say hi and pick a date) you will receive 10% off the session fee!  It's that simple!  Fall is coming and is the absolute perfect time for family photos (think sweaters, boots, beautiful fall colors, no more heat wave or annoying bugs!).  Don't hesitate if you've been thinking about this because I am only able to book a limited amount of sessions in September and October due to a busy fall wedding season.  I hope to see you there and if nothing else stop by and say hello!

And because it's sinful for a photography blog to write a post without photos, here is a sampling of the family, maternity, children, and senior sessions I've been busy with and will soon be blogging: