First Fridays in Greencastle was such a huge success!  I was able to meet so many great people and chat about everything from photography to St. Bernards (which by the way, I fell head over heels in love with a giant St. Bernard that consequently slobbered all over my dress and table cloth!).  The turn out was way better than I expected and it enabled a wide variety of people to take a gander at my work.  Other than the business side of success, it's a huge personal success to sit behind your work and believe in it (and yourself) enough to showcase it to the public.  In person....and not hidden behind a computer. 

For those of you who don't know, here's Greencastle.
first fridays-1767

It's a nice quaint little town. I love small towns with a fabulous downtown. Chambersburg and Greencastle are certainly on the right track.
first fridays-1768

Here's my set up!  Right in front of a shoe, I know!
first fridays-1714
And here's me!  I think this may be my first time on the blog!  Photo taken by the fabulous Aaron Rotz :)
first fridays-1718

I'm pretty awkward in front of the camera...I have no idea what to do!  Thankfully I'm blessed with clients who are waaaaay cooler than I am.  This is why I'm behind the camera, not in front!
first fridays-1741

Here he is.  This man is everything.  He helps picks me up when I fall, pushes me when I can't, and encourages me to reach for the impossible.  Without him half of what I do could not be possible, so I think he earned a little spot on the blog!
first fridays-1724

LOVE those frames in the background.  They come from a company called The Organic Bloom and I sell them!
first fridays-1726

Some sweet photo goodies.
first fridays-1727
first fridays-1732

In addition to photography, I love gardening!  These hydrangeas came straight from my garden.
first fridays-1725

I was lucky enough to have some of the cutest visitors.  Look at how proud Uncle Aaron is!
first fridays-1744

I just couldn't resist taking a photo, it's a disease I swear, but with all this beauty how could I resist?!  And check out those eyelashes...what a lucky girl.
first fridays-1747

And the other cutest kid in the world.  I'm such a lucky Aunt!
first fridays-1760

So all in all it was a great experience and next month I will be in Chambersburg for First Fridays.  I will update with more information as I have it!

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