Lucas | Waynesboro, PA Photographer

I  heard this lyric the other day while driving: "Where we invest our love, we invest our life" (Mumford and Sons).

It couldn't BE more appropriate for how I view my photography career.  I just love sharing these amazing moments with families and couples and I especially love photographing their milestones.  It's purely love.  And it's now my life.  Aaron can attest that I eat, drink, and most definitely sleep photography (seriously, I dream about it!).  And that is so okay with me because I literally live it and could not imagine investing this much time and thought into anything else.

So it brings me so much joy when families like this come back and allow me to share in their growing life.  I had the  honor of photographing their wedding, maternity, newborn, and, now, family.  This little man is growing at warp speed.  I saw him in the fall and just over the winter he has grown such a personality.  He is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen and the cutest!  Seriously, those dimples, those crystal blue eyes, those cheeks, and those chubby wrists.  Ridiculous.  He is at the most perfect age for photographing; right between 7-8 months and is in that curious, sitting up-but-not-quite-moving stage.  AKA: he can't get away from my camera :)  Lucas was in such good spirits for his spring session and I just love this set - enjoy!

I love his expression here!!

He wasn't too sure what to make of the Easter eggs...

But he figured it out :)

Mom + Dad said this guy is constantly wanting to stand up - they might have an early walker!!

And because I can't resist a good black + white

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Maybe It Was the Wine...

There are some places that just make your soul smile.  And this is one of them.  Aaron and I sat on the patio of Linganore Winecellars sipping a bottle of their fabulous wine on a warm day and I couldn't help but think that this really is what it's all about.

Maybe it was the wine...but I thought I'd jump in front of the camera and give Aaron a little lesson in back lighting and shooting into the sun.  He did great!  I'm definitely NOT one to enjoy all the attention on me, but I'm so glad I did.  I explained to him exactly the type of photo I wanted and the feeling they should evoke.  I set the camera and he clicked the shutter!    

I'm completely humbled to learn that the more time goes by and the more I shoot, the more I come into my own style.  I'm absolutely in love with the soft colors and natural look of these photos.  

And seriously in L.O.V.E with my new sandals!!



I'm working on a project that I am VERY excited about.  However, I need help from YOU!!  I'm looking for an outgoing, fabulous, very-much-in-love couple who is not shy and would love to be in front of the camera.  The only caveat?  There will be more than one camera and the other will not be taking still shots.  That's all the information I'm giving away for now :)  I'm hoping to have this completed in April before my crazy wedding season begins.  The session would take place during the week in the evening light and the location would be fairly local to Chambersburg, PA.  Oh, and you will be so very much appreciated and rewarded with some fabulous photos of you and your love!

Sorta like this awesomeness:

SO.  If this sounds like you (or someone you know!) please please please contact me at 717-372-3853,, comment on this post, OR simply fill out the form under the contact tab above.  Make sure to include a name and email address so I can contact you :)  And thank you in advance!!

EDIT: I've had several inquiries already so I will be taking all of the eligible candidates and conducting a random drawing.  You guys all rock so how could I choose otherwise??!!  If you're interested, let me know by Friday March 30th!


Personal | Aaron

He has been many things through the years.  The term Husband is too basic to even begin.  

He is my joy...

My comfort...

My rock...

My biggest supporter...

My everything...

With him all things are possible.  He never gives up on me and never lets me down.  He's the reason I'm here and he's the reason I can do what I love.  He has the purest heart I've ever seen and I'm so lucky to call him my best friend.  Happy Birthday Aaron, may this be your best year yet!

As a side note, these were all shot at Linganore Winecellars and it was absolutely gorgeous.  Can't wait to shoot more sessions there!!


Personal | The House

I love everything house related.  Throughout the past five years of our marriage we have bought two houses, renovated one, and are in the process of fixing up the second.  And I'm not talking tear down and rebuild from the gound up.  We just like to take houses with good bones and showcase their full potential.  Our first house was built in 1941 and was a super cute cape cod complete with three dormers and an adorable porch.  My Dad described it as 'cottagey'.  I think that was his way of saying 'good luck 'cause you're going to need it!'.  So maybe we were a bit naive.  So maybe we tore out the (only) bathroom a few weeks before our wedding day.  However that little house taught us SO much about who we were as individuals and as a couple.    
Our first house - Before
Our first house - After

This house definitely saw it's fair share of our blood sweat and tears.  And frustration.  For instance the porch posts, seem so innocent and simple, right?  Not so much.  The old ones were rotting/ugly/in dire need of replacement so I found this lovely inspiration image on the internet and told Aaron we have to have this.  Design it.  So he did and we did. But only after much work and tool purchasing :)  The crazy part is we spent about 2.5 years pouring ourselves and our savings into this house.  And then one day we realized it's 1100 sq. ft. worth of living space was far too small for our future endeavors (enter photography business!).  The for sale sign went up on a Thursday and the house was SOLD by Saturday.  We already had an offer in on our new house when the sign went up and thought it was highly unlikely it would sell in time.  We told ourselves that if it did then my business was meant to be and it was definitely written in the stars. 

The new house was a perfect next step.  It's a raised ranch so the finished basement walks out onto a big patio with great backyard views and huge old trees.  I envisioned the downstairs 4th bedroom as an office and the other area as a client meeting room.  It has a fire place and all!  But I knew it would take some work for it's full potential to come into fruition.  The work is now done and I LOVE this space.  I have yet to take 'after' photos, so that will be an upcoming post.  The neighborhood is perfect: quiet and great for walking.  And the  The only thing I didn't love was the exterior.  It is a very simple 1960s ranch-style with pretty ugly orange brick on the front and half the sides and back.  I instantly knew it had to painted.  I envisioned a black roof, gray brick/siding, and black accents (shutters, etc.).  So after two (not-so-patient) years of owning our home, I am happy to report the ugly orange is gone and the black(ish) roof is on.  There is nothing more gratifying than seeing my visions become reality!  And thank God Aaron is on board with my crazy ideas :)  I can't wait to share the final before and after images when all the finish touches are on.  And, trust me, I am the queen of finishing touches so I can't wait to share with you guys!!         

The primer is on!  Priming is such a thankless job since it's on for a very short time and then just gets covered over again.  Our poor neighbors thought this was the actual color we were leaving it.  We must really scare them.

Aaron elbow deep in paint.  Although he did manage to color-coordinate himself with the equipment.  We own a paint sprayer which (so far) has made this job amazingly better.  I think after ripping out all the baseboards in the ENTIRE house and re-installing newly painted base and trim he has the 'if you can't beat 'em join 'em' mentality.  Thanks babe, glad you're joining me :)

The new color!!

This is some serious eye candy for me. 

I literally decided on a color in a few days.  And only compared two.  Unlike the first house, it took me several months and about 10 colors!

Consider this a during picture.  I'm not showing the before and after until it's all spit-shined and beautiful.  Plus, the chimney still shows evidence of the old color.  Aaron didn't trust me to paint the chimney because he was worried I might fall.  In reality, I'm pretty sure he was concerned that I would spill paint all over the new roof.  His concern is valid.

The first plant purchase!  We ripped everything out last spring, which made the house extremely ugly and our neighbors hate us more, but it was all in preparation for the painting.  Plus the shrubs were old and overgrown.

I will definitely be sharing more from our house renovating adventures since it's such a HUGE part of our lives.  So stay tuned for many more of my crazy ideas!!


New Product | The Album

Besides the new website and blog, there is something else new too.  And I'm beyond excited to share with you guys!  Previously I was offering two album choices for my wedding collections, but now I've narrowed it down to one album, one company.  Simple, right?  Now the only nail biter is which color?    

Finding a high-quality album company was my #1 goal for 2012.  I am somewhat obsessed with products that will last a long time.  Yes, I buy my bathroom fixtures from Restoration Hardware, not because I particularly like paying $60 for a toilet paper holder, but I know it's classic styling and solid brass/chrome construction will last forever.  Okay so that might be weird, but it's important to me.  How many of you looked at your parent's wedding album when you were younger or even now?  The value is absolutely priceless.  I remember feeling the smooth white leather cover and being amazed at my parent's wedding photos.  I looked at that album more times than I can even remember.  But it never lost it's luster to me.  That's exactly why I chose to offer a beautiful, timeless album.  It's important to me because it's important to my clients.         

The Album

For me, an album is non-negotiable.  You MUST have a wedding album.  And not just any wedding album, but a beautiful, high-quality, leather bound, flush mount, it-deserves-to-be-on-display at all times wedding album.  The pages are thick and there is absolutely NO gutter, meaning they are completely seamless in the middle.  This makes for much more attractive spreads.   

Perfect example of the seamless spread.

In addition to a high-quality made album, the printing is of the utmost importance.  I was extremely pleased with the vibrant colors and clarity.

Oh the leather!  It's that creamy, yummy, smooth, you should wear it like a purse kinda leather.  That was another very important element to my album choice.  And this album has that and so much more!

Plus you get your choice of colors! 

The album comes in several different sizes and page amounts, which make it perfect for a newborn, family, or engagement session as well!


Bodie + Blaire | Lifestyle Session

I feel like the term 'lifestyle' gets thrown around way too easily in the photography world.  I admit it, I'm guilty (just keepin' it real!).  Yes I shoot sessions in your homes and at your favorite parks, BUT is it really lifestyle?  Not entirely.

But this shoot is.

And I loved every second of it.  Bodie and Blaire have been in front of my camera for over a year now.  I love when my clients come back and I love it even more that I am able to become part of their life and see their constant growth.  Their mom said she's seldom in pictures with her children, especially while partaking in some of their favorite activities.  Blaire loves being read to and Bodie and mom enjoy making pizzas together.  So while mom is busy enjoying these precious moments with her children, who's documenting it?  That's where I come in :)  I spent a relaxed Saturday morning with this wonderful family documenting those private seconds of the day and it was such a great experience!

Blaire is the cutest little girl.  Ever!

I discovered that mom writes a special message in their books.  It's details like these that I love finding!

Um this kitchen.  I am in major love.

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