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Besides the new website and blog, there is something else new too.  And I'm beyond excited to share with you guys!  Previously I was offering two album choices for my wedding collections, but now I've narrowed it down to one album, one company.  Simple, right?  Now the only nail biter is which color?    

Finding a high-quality album company was my #1 goal for 2012.  I am somewhat obsessed with products that will last a long time.  Yes, I buy my bathroom fixtures from Restoration Hardware, not because I particularly like paying $60 for a toilet paper holder, but I know it's classic styling and solid brass/chrome construction will last forever.  Okay so that might be weird, but it's important to me.  How many of you looked at your parent's wedding album when you were younger or even now?  The value is absolutely priceless.  I remember feeling the smooth white leather cover and being amazed at my parent's wedding photos.  I looked at that album more times than I can even remember.  But it never lost it's luster to me.  That's exactly why I chose to offer a beautiful, timeless album.  It's important to me because it's important to my clients.         

The Album

For me, an album is non-negotiable.  You MUST have a wedding album.  And not just any wedding album, but a beautiful, high-quality, leather bound, flush mount, it-deserves-to-be-on-display at all times wedding album.  The pages are thick and there is absolutely NO gutter, meaning they are completely seamless in the middle.  This makes for much more attractive spreads.   

Perfect example of the seamless spread.

In addition to a high-quality made album, the printing is of the utmost importance.  I was extremely pleased with the vibrant colors and clarity.

Oh the leather!  It's that creamy, yummy, smooth, you should wear it like a purse kinda leather.  That was another very important element to my album choice.  And this album has that and so much more!

Plus you get your choice of colors! 

The album comes in several different sizes and page amounts, which make it perfect for a newborn, family, or engagement session as well!

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