Engagement: Ashlee + Josh

This is a pretty bold statement, but I don't think I've ever met anyone as genuine as Ashlee and Josh.  From the moment I met them, I knew their wedding was going to be amazing.  Not because it's in St. Michaels, MD (though this can't hurt!), but because the bond between these two is solid.  And although life has thrown Ashlee a few curve balls, I can tell that he has stood by her side and held her hand...tight.  Love like theirs doesn't come around everyday, but when it does thank your lucky stars!  I can't wait for your wedding in October, Ashlee and Josh, and I have a feeling I better keep the tissues handy!  Enjoy!

In case you're wondering where this ridiculously gorgeous location is, it's at Ashlee's property on the Eastern Shore near St. Michaels, MD.  Loved shooting here!

Gorgeous ring - nice job Josh!

One of my favorites!

Ashlee - you are gorgeous!



Sneak Peek: Ashlee + Josh

More to come on this amazing session on the eastern shore!


The Shives Family

This session was all the way back in February and I've been so excited to share it, but somehow time has gotten away from me! The Shives family is an amazing family.  Just by walking through their gorgeous home and glancing at the many photos, it became immediately apparent to me that they're pretty darn proud of their precious babies.  And why wouldn't they be - the Shives children are absolutely adorable!  It always excites me to see wall galleries in my client's homes and know that the photos I shoot that day will soon be gracing those very same walls.  Thanks again Shives family!  Enjoy! 

My favorite - the lighting in this room made my heart go pitter patter!


The Houp Family

There are so many reasons I love my job, but this family really made me step back and reflect on how blessed I am to be invited into people's homes and capture their love.  It was so blatantly obvious how much love this family had for each other and for their daughter, Lydia.  Sessions like this keep a smile on my face the entire day and remind me how lucky I am to be a photographer. Enjoy!

Grandma sent the ears for Lydia - so cute!
houp fam (blog-facebook)-9573

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9581

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9584

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9595

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9623

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9617

This is one of my favorites!
houp fam (blog-facebook)-9639

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9633

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9658

Another favorite!
houp fam (blog-facebook)-9660

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9772

houp fam (blog-facebook)-9808


Sneak Peek: Amy + Bernie

More to come on this fabulous wedding!