Engagement: Ashlee + Josh

This is a pretty bold statement, but I don't think I've ever met anyone as genuine as Ashlee and Josh.  From the moment I met them, I knew their wedding was going to be amazing.  Not because it's in St. Michaels, MD (though this can't hurt!), but because the bond between these two is solid.  And although life has thrown Ashlee a few curve balls, I can tell that he has stood by her side and held her hand...tight.  Love like theirs doesn't come around everyday, but when it does thank your lucky stars!  I can't wait for your wedding in October, Ashlee and Josh, and I have a feeling I better keep the tissues handy!  Enjoy!

In case you're wondering where this ridiculously gorgeous location is, it's at Ashlee's property on the Eastern Shore near St. Michaels, MD.  Loved shooting here!

Gorgeous ring - nice job Josh!

One of my favorites!

Ashlee - you are gorgeous!


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