Boudoir Photography | Hagerstown, MD

Since opening my natural-light studio in Hagerstown, MD earlier this year, the realm of possibility for my photography business really opened up.  I love the ability to shoot whatever, whenever, and, of course, with ridiculous light.  So when a friend approached me about the possibility of a boudoir session, I jumped at the opportunity and quickly became addicted.  Boudoir is the perfect compliment to weddings and since I shoot primarily engagements and weddings, this makes perfect sense.  Plus I think it's so sweet to gift to your husband, partner, groom, etc.  Or, just to make yourself feel gorgeous.  All of our sessions include professional hair/makeup to help you feel your absolute best!

A huge thank you to my amazing friend who not only was willing to be my first official boudoir session, but who let me share the images as well.  She and her husband have been an amazing support to my business since the beginning (they were my first engagement session!) and I couldn't be more thankful to them.  Oh, and by the way, she rocked it.  

 She completely changed looks for the second set.  Not shockingly, she looks gorgeous in both.
 Her husband is very into brewing (and he is amazing at it!) so she incorporated this.


Kristen + Brian: Married | Hagerstown, MD Wedding Photographer

Kristen and Brian were one of my first 2013 weddings to book and I remember being absolutely excited to shoot their wedding at the beautiful Fountain Head Country Club in Hagerstown, MD.  But it wasn't until their engagement session that I really got to know them.  And then I was downright THRILLED to work with them.  These two are the best.  Their personalities are extremely complimentary of one another.  I can tell that Brian is an amazing support system for Kristen while she is passionate and driven.  I love when couples fit together so well like this; it proves that they were simply made for each other.

Kristen and Brian were married June 1, 2013 on a (very) warm day in front of all their loving family and friends.  To say we had fun documenting this wedding is an understatement.  These two have the most lively, loving, and fun friends and family anyone could ask for!  And not only was their wedding a blast, but it was very well coordinated.  I love how everything ties in together; from her shoes to the flowers, the invitation, runners...I could go on.  

Congratulations again, Kristen and Brian, we wish you all the best in your years to come and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to to share in this amazing day with you.

A huge thank you to all these fabulous vendors (and friends!) who made Kristen and Brian's day extra amazing:

Cake: Fountain Head Country Club - Dawn Boppe
Dress: Posh Bridal
Hair/Makeup: Lesley Mahla
Bridal party flowers: Ben's Flower Shop
Church/Reception arrangements: Lehman's Mill
And a special thank you to Kaila of Kaimon Photography for assisting us for the day!

This wedding definitely leaned to the more formal, classic side.  I truly appreciate this because with so many 'trendy' wedding trends, this is refreshing.
Kristen and Brian are simply stunning.
 They have the sweetest bulldog so this was perfect!
I just love this moment.  It's so genuine.
 When I was editing and came to this photo I stopped and smiled.  I love how supportive and sweet Kristen is to Brian.  It truly shows how much she loves and cares for him.
 The Reagan Years.  Highly recommend - they are amazing!