The Bloomer Family

Have I mentioned that I love this family?! Well despite the fact that they're family, they are just all around fabulous people.  AND they seem to make the most gorgeous babies!  Claire has been my model a time or two, but now I'm lucky enough to have two gorgeous nieces!  Meghan Elizabeth was born February 19th in the evening following a (thankfully!) uneventful pregnancy and labor.  Half of the photos are from the hospital room when she wasn't even 24 hours old yet (!) and the other half are from the comfort of her home.  Enjoy!

And just because a Bloomer family post isn't complete without Claire!  Seriously, she's a model!


You Want Me To Do What?

As I may have mentioned here, I do not shoot any of my sessions in a studio.  Therefore, when I go to shoot a session, I either A) scout out fun areas ahead of time or B) work quick on my feet to find some great natural props.  Usually, B is the option that gets picked most of the time since I shoot at many unique places and don't necessarily have a specific "go to" location for sessions.  Afterall that would make for some pretty boring photos if all my sessions were shot at the same place!  My goal is to make sure your photos are unique as well as visually interesting.  So it's possible that I may ask you to do something that seems weird at the time or may not even make sense, but I always tell my couples to trust me because I know they'll love it!  


Wachter engagement-5299







Why Custom Photography?

Because you want to look back at your photos from years gone by and cherish each and every moment.  I'm well aware custom photographers cost a bit more than a portrait studio, such as Sears or JCPenneys, but the attention to detail that goes into every image is priceless.  For me, the sheer fact that you can have your own personal photo shoot in your home, on your furniture or at your favorite park where he popped the question or where your children love to play is the most important thing when investing in your memories. Not to mention that custom photographers are just that...photographers ...please don't think for a second that a person who presses a button in a mall studio is considered that.  Photography is a lot more than just pressing a button - first and foremost it's about the use of light and secondly it's about interesting composition.  After all, can you really achieve this in a mall studio?



Mop Chop

In an effort to save my sanity, I finally found a spare hour and got my hair cut yesterday!  Thank God because it was starting to look awkward and actually kind of embarrassing.  I've always had long hair, but within the past several years I decided it's time to chop it off and have an actual cut - as opposed to long and sometimes stringy.  Anyway, having short hair requires frequent trips to the salon.  This is something I struggle with since I'm always racing to keep up with the minute hand, but it's soooo very important to carve out a few minutes of your day (or an hour in my case - I told you it was majorly grown out and weird looking!) just for you.  (This is going somewhere I swear)  So I cannot sing the praises of Warm Springs Day Spa in Chambersburg, PA enough.  The salon is gorgeous, relaxing, professional and best of all they do an amazing job!  I've been going there for a long time and highly recommend it.  I even had my hair bridalfied (yes that is a made up word for the ornate styles brides come up with) for my wedding at Warm Springs and I dug up a photo to show you guys (I spared you a kissing shot!).