Why Custom Photography?

Because you want to look back at your photos from years gone by and cherish each and every moment.  I'm well aware custom photographers cost a bit more than a portrait studio, such as Sears or JCPenneys, but the attention to detail that goes into every image is priceless.  For me, the sheer fact that you can have your own personal photo shoot in your home, on your furniture or at your favorite park where he popped the question or where your children love to play is the most important thing when investing in your memories. Not to mention that custom photographers are just that...photographers ...please don't think for a second that a person who presses a button in a mall studio is considered that.  Photography is a lot more than just pressing a button - first and foremost it's about the use of light and secondly it's about interesting composition.  After all, can you really achieve this in a mall studio?


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