Mop Chop

In an effort to save my sanity, I finally found a spare hour and got my hair cut yesterday!  Thank God because it was starting to look awkward and actually kind of embarrassing.  I've always had long hair, but within the past several years I decided it's time to chop it off and have an actual cut - as opposed to long and sometimes stringy.  Anyway, having short hair requires frequent trips to the salon.  This is something I struggle with since I'm always racing to keep up with the minute hand, but it's soooo very important to carve out a few minutes of your day (or an hour in my case - I told you it was majorly grown out and weird looking!) just for you.  (This is going somewhere I swear)  So I cannot sing the praises of Warm Springs Day Spa in Chambersburg, PA enough.  The salon is gorgeous, relaxing, professional and best of all they do an amazing job!  I've been going there for a long time and highly recommend it.  I even had my hair bridalfied (yes that is a made up word for the ornate styles brides come up with) for my wedding at Warm Springs and I dug up a photo to show you guys (I spared you a kissing shot!).

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