I'm working on a project that I am VERY excited about.  However, I need help from YOU!!  I'm looking for an outgoing, fabulous, very-much-in-love couple who is not shy and would love to be in front of the camera.  The only caveat?  There will be more than one camera and the other will not be taking still shots.  That's all the information I'm giving away for now :)  I'm hoping to have this completed in April before my crazy wedding season begins.  The session would take place during the week in the evening light and the location would be fairly local to Chambersburg, PA.  Oh, and you will be so very much appreciated and rewarded with some fabulous photos of you and your love!

Sorta like this awesomeness:

SO.  If this sounds like you (or someone you know!) please please please contact me at 717-372-3853,, comment on this post, OR simply fill out the form under the contact tab above.  Make sure to include a name and email address so I can contact you :)  And thank you in advance!!

EDIT: I've had several inquiries already so I will be taking all of the eligible candidates and conducting a random drawing.  You guys all rock so how could I choose otherwise??!!  If you're interested, let me know by Friday March 30th!

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