A Week In Review | Edition 3

So I didn't say it would be every week, right? After all, I probably don't have that many interesting things to share every week...so I may skip a week (or three, sorry!) here and there :)  Even though July is supposed to be all fun + sun, there have been a few work-related ventures.

Like when we woke up and planted this tree promptly at 8am Saturday morning.  Our neighbors seriously think we're weird.  But it's a tree that needed to be planted.  Especially in July.  In a drought-like situation.  There was some blood sweat and tears.  Mainly sweat and mud though.  But I'm happy to report it's in the ground and, hopefully, happy!

My brain is no longer capable of keeping track of my work and/or personal life, so I've started writing it down on a BIG calendar.  I keep things in my iPhone for everyday viewing, but when I need something to really jump out at me and demand I do it NOW.  This works great.  If only I could keep my calendar updated...that's next week.  By the way, check out July 20, 21, 22...  :)

On the food front, we made an amazing breakfast of Belgian waffles the morning after our last wedding.  YUM.  My fruit du jour was bananas and Aaron's: raspberries.  He doesn't like bananas. 
 I know - crazy, right?

Save yourself the $3.50 and DO NOT buy these chips.  They are Doritos rebranded.  I love guacamole.  So I thought hmm no time to make guacamole, this should save a step.  WRONG.

For some reason, Aaron and I have found ourselves in Gettysburg quite frequently this summer.  So I thought I might visit my Great-Great Uncle.  No really, he's my Great-Great (there may be 3 Greats) Uncle and a GREAT Uncle.  General James Longstreet.  If you don't know who he is,  you should.  He's KIND OF a big deal!  The crazy part is, we can actually see a resemblance to my Dad and Uncle...even in the statue.

I'm lovin' all these summer time flowers.  I wish I could just plant my entire property full of lush flower gardens.  And Aaron would gladly water them all. 

Beyond blessed with my amazing clients.  I'm in mid-edit of several and can't resist sharing.
A 4 month old, a 3 year old, and a 6 year old.  And they're all looking my way.  Victory!
 I went to school with Mom and it brings me so much joy to see her with such a beautiful family.  And this super sweet baby girl!

Beyond gorgeous bride, can't wait to finish up this wedding and blog!

Fun senior session and he brought his dog - SO cute!

Have a fabulous week!!

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