{Goings On}

Hi! It's been quite a while since I've posted and there is no excuse. Well, maybe a little excuse...moving! I didn't realize before how life changing a new house can be. This is actually our second (fixer upper) house in the past 3 years and it's taking a back seat to our very busy lives.

So onto other interesting changes. I now have a SmugMug account and I couldn't be more excited about this! SmugMug is a great site where I can upload photos and my clients can order the prints of their choice. All the galleries are private and are only accessible to those who have the password. Also, another great feature is that I can create Christmas cards, birth announcements, birthday invitations, thank you cards - whatever your heart desires! Below are a couple examples:

Holiday card

Christmas card

Birthday card
This is a folded card so the pink part would be the front (sorry it's upside down!) and the picture side would be the inside.

Birthday card

I love these cards! If you're interested in booking a session or finding out more about my print prices, please feel free to reach me at jenniferrotz@gmail.com.

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