{It's Right Around the Corner...}

Christmas that is! Hard to believe I know..it seems like every year it comes sooner and sooner. So why not check one to do off your ever growing to do list this season and start thinking about your Christmas cards. These gorgeous cards are 4"x8" flat, come in either glossy or matte and are available in 20, 50, or even 100 count! Christmas cards don't just have to show off your children, you can also show off your entire family, engagement, wedding, pets, anniversary..the list goes on! In fact, I'm so excited to offer these Christmas and holiday cards this year, I am offering 15% off my regular session price with the purchase of a set. Not to mention you still receive a disk with all your high res. fully edited images, copyright release, and a fresh set of memories! Below is just a sampling, after your session I'll give you a book of 15 options to take home and choose from. If you're interested, contact me today!

{names have been changed to protect the innocent!}






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