Bobbi + Dave: Engaged!

This engagement session is at the top of my favorites list!  I had an absolute blast wandering around Penn State's beautiful campus (where, by the way, they are both studying to become Industrial Engineers!) with this wonderful couple.   Bobbi + Dave have this sweet love that is so free-flowing and cute that you can't help but be pulled into it.  Not to mention they both have the sweetest personalities.  Ever.  And to make them even more adorable, they are high school sweethearts.  I know.  I just gave you a cavity, right?

I am SO looking forward to their May 2012 wedding and I know it's going to a beautiful day with so many gorgeous photos!!!

Until then, enjoy this fabulous engagement session!

Bobbi-Dave engagement-271

I told you.  Adorable.  I could just scoop them up and carry them around in my back pocket all day!
Bobbi-Dave engagement-311

Bobbi-Dave engagement-461

Bobbi-Dave engagement-445

Bobbi-Dave engagement-370

Bobbi-Dave engagement-314

Bobbi-Dave engagement-304

Bobbi-Dave engagement-456

Bobbi-Dave engagement-436

Bobbi-Dave engagement-343

Bobbi-Dave engagement-330

Bobbi-Dave engagement-248

Bobbi-Dave engagement-419

Bobbi-Dave engagement-401

Bobbi-Dave engagement-463

Bobbi-Dave engagement-237

Bobbi-Dave engagement-203

Bobbi-Dave engagement-148

Bobbi-Dave engagement-128

Bobbi-Dave engagement-125

Bobbi-Dave engagement-121

Bobbi-Dave engagement-94

Bobbi-Dave engagement-219

Bobbi-Dave engagement-104

Bobbi-Dave engagement-90

Bobbi-Dave engagement-81

Bobbi-Dave engagement-80

Bobbi-Dave engagement-67

Bobbi-Dave engagement-40

Bobbi-Dave engagement-31

Bobbi-Dave engagement-29

Bobbi-Dave engagement-18

Bobbi-Dave engagement-9

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