Promo Video

I am so so SO excited to finally get to share this amazing promo video with you all!  Thanks so much to all the hard work of Brad at B&M Digital who made my vision a reality.  This whole project started because I felt like I needed to convey ME to my clients.  And not just the 'I like my husband and old houses' me, but me as a photographer as well.  It's so hard to truly convey who you are in an 'About Me' section on a website (not to mention flat), so I wanted something more personal and real.  Plus it gives my future clients a chance to see me in action and learn how FUN an engagement session can be!  This was such an amazing experience and I am beyond in love with the promo - I'm thinking I might ask Brad to join me at every session - did I mention they are a husband and wife videographer team who video weddings as well (hint, hint!)?!  Enjoy the video!


Another HUGE thanks to Bobbi + Dave, the sweet couple in the video.  We just shot their wedding this past weekend and I will so miss having a good reason to shoot this ridiculously adorable couple!!

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