Diane + Wilson: Married | Huntingdon, PA Wedding Photographer

Diane and Wilson were married on a very hot, but oh so beautiful, day in May.  They stressed to us that they are a laid-back, casual couple who prefer more of a photojournalistic style of wedding photography.  I was more than happy to oblige to their request.  I love....no, thrive.....no, LIVE...to shoot the emotional moments that are an inevitable aspect of weddings.  It definitely takes a quick shutter finger and a sharp eye, but I totally fist pump when I capture those fleeting slivers of time.

Their ceremony and reception (complete with a bluegrass band!) both took place in their backyard, which made perfect sense for their down-home personalities.  I think because it was at their home, the wedding had such a warm vibe to it.  Of course it didn't hurt that their family and friends are so sweet and inviting!  While shooting the details, we really allowed ourselves to incorporate Diane + Wilson's personalities by looking for things that are important to them around their house.  And since we chatted with them prior to their wedding, we knew EXACTLY what to look for :)   

Congratulations again Diane + Wilson and thank you for entrusting us to document one of the most important days of you life. 

She couldn't find beautiful blue shoes that really fit her style.  So she had someone hand make her shoes, of course.  I love how unique her style is!!

Props to Wilson on the gorgeous bling.  Diane likes the vintage look and he so nailed it with this ring!

Aaron shot both the ring shot and the earring shot.  When he showed this to me on his camera I almost made out with him right then and there.

One of my favorite shots.  Diane was so unaware of the camera and just absolutely beautiful.

I love this shot - Diane is SO beautiful.  In fact, this shot made the homepage on my website :)

This shot is so them!

Yes, a Journey song was playing. 


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