Our Plus One | Keira

It happened.  It's no longer just Aaron and I.  We are so happy to announce the pitter patter of little feet in our home.....

Meet Keira!

So it started out innocent enough.  We went to the Cumberland Valley Animal Shelter just to visit the dogs one Saturday afternoon.  Amongst the craziness was this sweet, sweet girl.  We took her out to play and our heart was officially gone.  We were in LOVE.

I mean.  Come on?!

She enjoys walks, belly rubs (a lot!), giving kisses, cuddling, other dogs, people, and, unfortunately, squirrels and bunnies.  The last two are a bit problematic for us at the moment, which is why this is her view of the aforementioned.

Daddy's girl.

She's actually pretty good a delegating love equally :)

Yes, we have a death grip on her because she probably saw a squirrel.  Or bunny.

We hope she loves water, so far so good!  But we don't quite trust her enough to let her loose in the water.  However, I hear Aaron has exceptional lake-swimming skills just in case :)

We feel so blessed to find such a good dog.  She's the perfect addition to our family and we couldn't be happier.  If you're ready for lots of love in your life, please run (don't walk!) to your nearest shelter and adopt a pup.  There are SO many great dogs just waiting to go home.

There will be many photos of Keira plastered all over the blog and FB page, however, I have a new-found respect for pet photographers.  She makes photographing a 2 year old a walk in the park :)

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