Amy + Zane | Longwood Gardens Engagement Photographer

When Amy suggested shooting their engagement session at Longwood Gardens, I was thrilled.  I love gardening, flowers, and everything that goes along with it.  In fact, many years ago when I bought my very first DSLR camera, Aaron and I went to Longwood Gardens to test it out and practice.  So, for me, this session really gave me that 'full circle' feeling.

I always encourage my couples to choose a location that is not necessarily beautiful, but meaningful to them.  Longwood is extremely meaningful to Amy + Zane because it was the location of their first date.  I know - pretty meaningful, right?  And even further, they are both involved with and studying in the horticulture industry.  We shot this session right after Christmas when Longwood still had their decorations up.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.

As a couple, Amy + Zane are amazing.  They live out of state and booked me for their wedding completely over the internet.  This always makes me a teeny bit nervous since a photographer/client relationship is so important to me, but Amy seemed so genuine and sweet over email - I was pretty sure it would work out fine.  And I was right.  The instant I met them I felt like we had been friends for a while.  I can't ask for a better relationship than that to have with my clients.  Especially when we spend 10+ hours together on the most important day of their life :)  The friendship, support, and bond between Amy + Zane is another attribute that I noticed immediately.  Recently, Amy had a difficult situation occur to a very close family member of hers and it was so obvious to me that Zane is and has been her support system.

Couples like Amy + Zane make me so thankful to do what I do and I feel absolutely blessed to be documenting their wedding this July.

Seriously, how gorgeous is Amy?
Amy is actually a research assistant in a greenhouse.
 One of my absolute faves.
We went from super warm and steamy in the conservatory to super cold and blustery outside.  But the light was amazing and, really, blustery helps couples snuggle up more which is great for me.
Amy's ring is a family heirloom.  

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