The Shives Family | McConnellsburg, PA Family Photographer

I have been photographing this family since the very beginning of my business.  And I'm beyond grateful to continue to see them every year!  There is nothing I love more than seeing a family grow up right before my lens.  Each year, Mom comes up with great ideas for the session.  Giving young children something to do (preferably something they enjoy!) during the session distracts them from the fact that I have a huge camera and am trying to capture the perfect photo.  What results is a session with beautiful, natural portraits as well as a memory of what they loved at that point in their young lives.  It's a win/win :)

When they were babies, their Mom used to sing this song to them.  Now, they can sing along with her and I was lucky to be serenaded during our session!
Love this image, it's so extremely genuine.
Boys will be boys :)
The promise of a 'special treat' always keeps the session going in a positive direction too :)
 I have been wanting to shoot a snowy session forever.  Luckily it snowed the night before so I was able to do so with the perfect family.
 Getting his sister in on the action...

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