Kelli + Vincent | Harpers Ferry, WV Engagement Photographer

Recently I've been pondering why couples choose one wedding photographer over another.  There are SO many talented photographers out there it sometimes boggles my mind, and makes me feel incredibly blessed, to fill up my calendar with so many beautiful weddings.  However, I am reminded what I love about photography, specifically engagements and weddings.  The connection.  The love.  The emotion.  The beauty.  The interaction.  The romance.  I love providing couples with classic, timeless, beautiful photographs.  I may not be as creative as those photographers who use bright colors and have fancy photoshopping skills (I don't even edit my photos in photoshop - just keeping it real!), but I do love the couples I attract who appreciate the beauty of my photos.  The images I take reflect my couples, their style, and their personality and it's extremely important when seeking a photographer for your wedding day to make sure their style reflects YOU.

So with that being said, Kelli + Vincent are one of those perfect couples.  I wish I could keep them around and photograph their engagement session every year.  They are so crazy in love it was too easy to capture their emotion and pure happiness towards each other.  And they were excited about this session.  That's SO important.  I'm excited (of course, this is what I do for a living and I love it!) so when my couples are excited and really into their photos then it makes me even more excited and I truly believe it is reflected in their photos.  Wow, way too many 'exciteds' in one paragraph - what can I say, I'm excited!  Their session was shot at Harpers Ferry, WV which is right around the corner from where the couple lives.  Plus, Kelli used to actually work there - lucky girl!  This is the cutest little town ever.  Anyone who knows me knows I love small, historical towns packed full of charm, so this was a perfect location.  Kelli + Vincent were so fun to photograph.  We were laughing and having fun the entire time.  Definitely on pins and needles in anticipation for their upcoming September wedding.  The best part?  Kelli sent her best friend my way for her 2014 wedding, so not only do I get to photograph another great couple, but I get to hang with Kelli + Vincent again!

We were blessed with gorgeous light for the entire session.
 Kelli - you are absolutely stunning.
Kelli and her sister had fun choosing outfits for the session.  They made some pretty fabulous choices, she looked great!  And Vincent, too :)

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