Macey | Southern Fulton Senior

I believe that I am best known as a wedding photographer.  And I love that.  But, in actuality, I want to be known for being a Photographer.  And my hope is that someday we can squeeze the word 'great' in front of photographer.  Photography is a craft in which takes a long time (if ever) to master.  A lot of people can be picture takers, but photography isn't about that; it's about light and how it's used to make a photo interesting.  The easiest form of photography is natural light.  It's everywhere.  Not everyone excels at it, but it's available to everyone.  The most difficult form is using artificial light to make an interesting photo.  For years I avoided it, except for the occasional ceremony and every reception.  But using flash, or artificial light, to make a photo interesting?  No way.  Well, my feelings have changed since then.  I still and always will love finding the most beautiful natural light, but for the certain session that calls for interesting or unique lighting.  I'm no longer going to fear light.  I went into Macey's senior session with determination and a vision.  I'm so glad I did because without the vision, determination, and a little added light I don't think we would've achieved EXACTLY what she or I wanted.

Macey is the most beautiful and talented basketball player.  Seriously, colleges are fighting over this girl!  So, naturally, she wanted to include her love of basketball in her photos.  What I love most about this session is the diversity.  We shot downtown Hagerstown, her school, and a farm.  Doesn't get much more diverse than that!

ETA: Since I shot Macey's session she accepted a full ride to Fairfield University - a Division I school in Fairfield, CT.  Wow, what an honor - congrats Macey!!  You can read more about her career here.

Here's to growth, beautiful lighting, and basketball!

 Um, she's amazing - I told you!

Here's where I checked my comfort zone at the door.

I will always love natural light, however.  Especially that last little bit of light in the evening :)

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