Katie + Greg: Engaged | Philadelphia, PA Wedding + Engagement Photographer

Katie and Greg took me to The Barnes Foundation and their neighborhood in Philadelphia for their engagement photos.  I always encourage and suggest to my couples to choose a location that is important or meaningful to them.  They took my suggestion to heart and brought me to some great spots.  Not only are the locations meaningful, but they allowed me to be creative.  Plus, Katie and Greg stressed to me that they prefer more natural, lifestyle-based images as opposed to super stiff and posed (this makes me extremely happy!).  So, for the most part, I found the light and told them where to stand - the rest was up to them!!

I am SO excited for their New Year's Eve wedding this year and the venue...oh, the venue.  It's too amazing to explain, but I will be sharing photos in just a couple months.

 After a quick change, we grabbed their pups for some shots around their neighborhood.  

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