Ashlee + Josh: Married! Part 1

Ashlee and Josh are one of those couples that will always hold a place in my heart.  They were married on October 1, 2011 at the Miles River Yacht Club in St. Michaels, MD.  St. Michaels is this perfect little town where I see Aaron and myself someday.  Yes, that's a goal!!  There are many little shops, quaint bed and breakfasts, fabulous restaurants, so many gorgeous old homes, and that nautical feeling of being right along the Chesapeake.  So you can only imagine that I was filled with pure elation when Ashlee announced this is where her wedding will be held.  Her family has ties to St. Michaels and she spent a lot of time there while she was growing up (especially at the Yacht Club where her parents had a boat).

When I first met Ashlee and she informed me that both of her parent's passed away my heart ached for her.  Knowing what it's like to lose a parent, I cannot even begin to wrap my head around the thought of losing both within such a small time frame of each other.  It was then and there that Ashlee and Josh were etched into my heart.  It immediately became apparent how strong their love must be to have endured such pain.  But they did.  Together.  Only their nearest and dearest were in attendance to witness them exchange vows in a beautiful, amazing, intimate ceremony right along the water where Ashlee spent many summers with her family.

I became a wedding photographer because I love photography and capturing amazing moments.  But I had no idea that the best part is the relationships that I form with my clients.  Ashlee and Josh:  I wish you all the very best in your lives together and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your special day! 

Part II will be about their gorgeous reception at Green Grove Gardens several weeks later.  And check out their engagement session, also in St. Michaels!!            

Ashlee-Josh wedding-5

Ashlee-Josh wedding-22

A huge thank you to Jane at The Cherry Street Inn for allowing us to use her beautiful bed and breakfast for all the getting ready shots.  The alternative was the yacht club's bathroom - these photos would not have been the same if we didn't have a fabulous location.  Brides - something to think about!!
Ashlee-Josh wedding-78

Ashlee-Josh wedding-199

Ashlee-Josh wedding-94

Ashlee-Josh wedding-226

Ashlee-Josh wedding-140

Ashlee-Josh wedding-248

Ashlee-Josh wedding-250

Ashlee-Josh wedding-256

Ashlee-Josh wedding-280

Ashlee-Josh wedding-312

Ashlee-Josh wedding-300

Ashlee-Josh wedding-336

Ashlee-Josh wedding-351

Ashlee-Josh wedding-960

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1179

Ashlee-Josh wedding-652

Ashlee-Josh wedding-681

Ashlee-Josh wedding-684

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1232

There are some shots that you take, look at the little LCD screen on the camera, and then do a little happy dance inside!
Ashlee-Josh wedding-1236

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1246

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1304

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1262

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1270

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1254-2

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1288

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1287

Ashlee-Josh wedding-724

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1364

Ashlee-Josh wedding-962

Ashlee-Josh wedding-979

Ashlee-Josh wedding-994

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1008

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1014

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1042

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1025

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1075

Ashlee-Josh wedding-411

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1340

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1347

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1397

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1447

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1450

Ashlee-Josh wedding-1405

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