New Orleans

What a week!  New Orleans lived up to everything we hoped...and so much more.  The photography conference was so inspiring and eye opening, I can't wait to implement all the wonderful ideas and, best of all, start offering a few new products that I fell deeply in love with.  

But first, here's the city.  I took this shot from a 20+ mile bridge that crossed a gigantic lake.  Seriously, if you have a fear of bridges...definitely don't take this one!

We drove down.  Yes I know most think it's crazy, but Aaron and I LOVE road trips and I have a major fear of flying.  But I'm okay with bridges.  The next two photos were taken with Aaron's camera (a mini point and shoot) with not-so-amazing quality :)

16 hours later we finally made it and I was sooo ready for a sit down meal and drink..haha!

Day one of the conference!  We were pumped :)  And Aaron is such a model - it comes from years of me asking him to just stand there so I can test out a shot!

The conference consisted of classes and a trade show.  Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any photos during the classes, but I did get a few from the trade show.

Some of the booths were so elaborate.  This is the lab I use and I loved their set-up.

I found this amazing album company called Leather Craftsman.  I am soooo in love with their wedding albums and I plan to start offering them ASAP.  The quality is the absolute best in the industry and I know my bride and grooms will appreciate that!

The conference only lasted three days.  So for the rest of our time there we took complete advantage of everything the city had to offer: 

This cafe had some amazing breakfast and since we were there we tried the Beignets.  Basically it's just a fancy French form of a donut.  It came out warm and was loaded with lots of confectioner's sugar.  Good thing we walked a ton!

And speaking of food.  You CANNOT visit New Orleans without trying a Po' Boy.  There are many variations of this sandwich, but I'm pretty sure I had the best one.

I am a huge fan of seafood so lucky for me this city did not lack in that department.  I ate some sort of fish or seafood every night we were there and loved every second of it.

In addition to great food, I love architecture and houses...a lot.  I'm pretty sure if I wasn't a photographer I would somehow try to work it in as a career.  Aaron and I really enjoy taking an ugly house and making it pretty.  It has to be older and have pretty good bones, but there really isn't a house that I don't see some sort of beauty in.  Anyway, the architecture in New Orleans is so unique.  Instead of intricate wood work there is a lot of intricate iron work.  Here is just a small sample of some of the amazing homes and buildings:

New Orleans is right in the middle of Mardi Gras.  The parade isn't for several more weeks, but the decorating and festivities start right after the New Year.

So Bourbon Street is crazy.  If you've been there you know EXACTLY what I mean, if not, well it's not easily explainable, but just trust me when I say it's crazy.

We also went for a swamp tour.  Unfortunately there's not too much going on in the swamp in January, but we did get to see one alligator!

Captain Dave - he was super cool.

Aaron was so proud of his shot.  What can I say I taught him well!

We rode one of these 150 year old street cars.

Aaron managed to sneak in a few shots of me in action.  I never get to see this, but you guys do!

Wow - what a dork.

We absolutely loved this city and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to truly experience it.  The culture and pride of the people who live there is so evident and strong.  And I loved that.  I don't think there would have been a better place to inspire me this past week as much as New Orleans did!    

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