Out of the Office!

I'm so excited.  Not to be out of the office of course, but the reason WHY I'll be out of the office.  Aaron and I are road tripping it down to New Orleans for the fabulous PPA (Professional Photographer's of America) Conference Imaging USA.  This is a yearly conference where the best of the best in the Photography world come together and help each other out, learn new ideas and techniques, see wonderful products, and just talk about photography nonstop!  Nerdy, right?  This is my first year as a member of the PPA and I thought what better way than this to meet some great people.  Of course I maaaay end up looking like the new girl on the block :)  And to sweeten the deal, it's in New Orleans.  I mean, come on, what better place to immerse yourself in culture and food.  Yes, food is a HUGE deal for us and we love to indulge in all the great options a city has to offer.  So expect a gigantic blog post when we get home about the conference, the city, and of course the food!

So to be official: Jennifer Rotz Photography will be closed from Friday Jan. 13 through Friday Jan. 20.  All emails and/or phone calls will be returned immediately upon our return home.  I even made an automated reply for my email, now that's official!

Also, expect a blog post on this fabulous session when I get home...Lovin' all my 2012 brides + grooms!

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