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I am so so so excited to be offering Asukabook's DVD Presentation Book.  I found out about this company during our trip to New Orleans for the ImagingUSA Convention.  Recently I have been looking for more to offer my clients and when I saw this product I had that "aha" moment!

Today's consumer wants the disc of images from their session.  I get it.  When I was married a million years ago (okay, 5) this was a new concept and I had. to. have. it.  I didn't know why, I just knew that I wanted access to all my wedding photos all the time.  And the same goes for today's weddings and family/children/newborn sessions.  However.  I also believe that you should have a tangible product in your hand after the wedding or session.  Not just a digital product.  Many would argue that they make prints from the disc and that is a tangible product, but are they making the right prints?  As in NOT from Walmart/Target/any other not-so-great printing service.  Okay I'm getting off track, BUT please please please make prints from a local lab or Kodak's Professional Printing or Mpix.  Those are the only two I can really vouche for, but their paper and printing process will make your beautiful images even more beautiful and last much longer than any other form of printing.  Okay, so back on track.  The presentation book meets this need by not only giving you the disc of high res. images, but a 10 sided book of your favorite photos.  And this is why I love it!  Plus it's totally customizable with your name/date/anything you want on the cover.  And the best part?  When DVDs and CDs are loooong gone, books will always be around.  Below are a few examples from Asukabook's website, these are not my images :)

Here are the colors you can choose from:  Cream, black, pink, light green (even though it looks blue it's not trust me I saw it and loved the soft green color!)

The book is removable in case you want to take it with you, but leave the DVD at home.

I'm going to start offering the DVD presentation book ASAP.  Please contact me if you would like more information or if you're interested in adding it on to an existing wedding or session!

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