Dani + Jeff: Engaged!

I love this couple!  They are so much fun to hang out and chat with, it barely felt like a session at all!!  Dani + Jeff have a great comfortable relationship and I can tell they are so very much in love.  Their wedding will take place in June of this year and I can't wait to get these two in front of my camera again.  They braved a brisk fall morning in November, but had no problem warming up to the camera!  Congratulations again on your engagement Dani + Jeff and I so look forward to your wedding this summer!

This is a really cool place called "High Rock" by the locals.  But what wasn't cool was how cold and windy it was..no, make that blustery!  They are doing a great job of hiding it, but my camera bag almost blew away and my fingers were seriously froze in the camera holding position for a while.  It was worth it for this cool shot!

Jeff is such a lucky guy - Dani you're beautiful!

This ridiculous cuteness is their puppy.  Appropriately named, Thor :)

They both love football, but clearly love different teams. 

They love this little man!

All of my brides have the most beautiful rings.  Lucky girls...or maybe luck had nothing to do with it and they dropped some great hints!

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