Baby Callie | Chambersburg, PA Family Photographer

I feel so blessed to be able to work with such amazing families.  And this family is absolutely no exception.  My favorite part of any session is just sitting back and watching a family interact with one another, but something struck me about this family.  They are 100%, fully in love, completely smitten, and just in awe with their brand new addition, Callie.  She is the sweetest little baby!  So sweet, in fact, there was no fussing, just sleeping.  Yes, I managed to put a baby to sleep with my camera shutter.  I'll take it...she's cute awake AND asleep!

Congratulations again on your beautiful baby girl, I wish you guys nothing but the best!  

I love how content Callie looks with Mom + Dad

Much wisdom is being imparted here..

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