New Year | Wedding Promo

Sooo were you one of the lucky ones who received a gorgeous ring this holiday season?  If so congratulations and read on for an amazing offer!

It's here - 2013!  I always love the feeling of renewal, hope, and excitement the new year brings with it.    And this year will certainly not disappoint.  And since I'm so excited for all that 2013 brings, I've decided to run a month-long promo for the remaining few (as in 1-2) dates available for 2013 weddings and all available 2014 dates.  It's simple: if you became engaged during the holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Years Day), you are automatically eligible for a $150 credit toward any wedding collection.  The ways you can use it are endless...high-res digital images for wedding or engagement photos, additional album pages, prints, canvas wraps, or you can even use it toward the actual collection price!  However, you must have a signed contract in place by January 31st.  After that the offer will be void.  So contact us ASAP to see if your date is available and enjoy this incredible offer.  Happy wedding planning!

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