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There are so many reasons to celebrate.  Weddings. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Training for and running your first 5K.  Losing that last 5 pounds.  So what better way to celebrate YOU than with a session that will make you feel fabulous and beautiful?

Boudoir is a french word meaning a woman's bedroom, dressing room, or private sitting room (thank you Merriam-Webster!).  It's a celebration of a woman's body, an intimate expression, and all around morale booster :)  I'm so excited to be offering Boudoir sessions in my new studio in Hagerstown, MD.  Because of the gorgeous lighting and private setting, it is the perfect location to document who you are TODAY for that special person in your life or just for you.

All of our sessions include a beautiful flush-mount, linen album.  This is the perfect keepsake for your loved one and makes an amazing wedding day gift for your groom! Contact us to learn more about boudoir sessions and take a little time out of your busy schedule to celebrate YOU.

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Boudoir Photographer gives you the perfect opportunity to step outside your comfort zone, try something a little different, maybe spice things up or feel confident, liberated and sexy again! Your boudoir experience will be a memorable one, whether you prefer a private and intimate session or perhaps are planning a bachelorette or girls night where the boudoir studio is brought to you

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