Sarah + Cory | Lancaster, PA Engagement Photographer

One thing I love about all of my couples is that they always have me doing something new for their engagement photos.  Sarah and Cory definitely did not disappoint!  Sarah is getting ready to graduate from veterinary school and loves animals.  So to incorporate this with their engagement photos, she asked her neighbor to 'borrow' his baby cow for a few shots.  I'm not sure if Cory is as enamored with cows as Sarah is, but he put up with being licked by the cow all in the name of love :)  Another first for me was photographing at a fire pit.  Sarah's parents have a beautiful home and in the backyard is a fire pit that they enjoy hanging out at.  They threw on a few of their favorite college sweatshirts and chilled by the fire on a very chilly, windy March day.

It was wonderful getting to know Sarah and Cory better!  I think sessions like this really give me a glimpse into a couple's life and help me to see who they truly are.  I'm even more excited to shoot their July wedding at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, PA after seeing how sweet the two of them are together.  Sarah and Cory are a super caring couple and I can tell they are an absolute perfect match - just look at how they look at each other :)

Sarah is absolutely beautiful.
This is so cute.  Even the slobber :)

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