Shayna + Moses | Washington D.C. Engagement Photographer

I'm pretty sure during our initial conversation Shayna and Moses were already thinking about and planning their engagement session.  This is definitely my ideal couple, I thought.  They already knew they wanted their engagement photos in Washington D.C. since they both live and work there.   Also, it's the basis of their relationship.  In order to personalize it even more, they requested a few shots with the Key Bridge in the background.  For those of you who don't know, this bridge connects Arlington, VA with Georgetown (yes, the super cute neighborhood which is home to Georgetown Cupcake).  This is so symbolic of their relationship because they each live in one of those towns and the bridge is how they get to one another.  When I finally put all that together...I died.  I mean, seriously.  Also, it was important to them to grab a few shots with the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in the background.  We were able to accomplish this by shooting on the terrace of The Kennedy Center.  We planned it for the last part of the session so the sun would be setting and it was just amazing.  I loved shooting in a city because I was really able to push myself and be more creative.  Couples: PLEASE personalize your engagement session and don't be afraid to think outside the box.  I love to shoot new places and keep things fresh.

I am beyond thrilled with how their session turned out.  They are extremely comfortable with each other and it shows.  I love how in love they are and how amazing of a fit they are for one another.  Shayna and Moses, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your love story - can't wait for your August wedding :)

Oh, and they are ridiculously gorgeous.
Love this shot.  Shayna is absolutely stunning.

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