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Shockingly, there is a new trend on Facebook; one of your friends gives you a number and then you are responsible for listing that amount of 'things' that people don't know about you.  Makes sense since we don't always truly know the people we're 'friends' with on Facebook.  Guiltily, I enjoy reading them :)  So I thought it might be fun for my readers to get to know me a little better.

Of course you all know that I love photography.  You know that I love beautiful light, gorgeous couples, and that I'm a sucker for an amazing portrait.  But you probably don't know the following things about me:

1. I was born and raised about an hour outside of Philadelphia in Bucks County.  When I was 12, my parents moved us to a dramatically different location: south central Pennsylvania.  At the time, I hated everything that wasn't what I remembered from the first 12 years of my life.  But as time went by, and especially today, the things I learned, people I met, and experiences I had prepared me for the person I am today.

2. I had NO idea what I wanted to pursue in college.  Originally, it was business, then something medical - both felt wrong.  I graduated from Shippensburg University in 2005 with my B.A. in Communication/Journalism and a minor in English.  It wasn't until I stopped trying to be practical and realized what I am good at that I finally felt right about my education.  Turns out I never had a writing job in my life.   However, thanks to my major, I took a photography class and uncovered a love I never knew I had.

3. I love food.  All of it.  It's a family thing and now Aaron is hooked as well.  We literally plan trips/vacations around which food we'll eat and where.

4. I have a major weakness for guacamole.

5. I'm Catholic.

6. I'm traditional in some aspects and not in others.

7. I believe in quality over quantity.  We live in a 1960s, 1300 sq. ft. ranch home on 1/2 an acre in an amazing neighborhood.  We chose this house for it's workmanship, practicality, beautiful hardwood floors, private backyard with gorgeous views, and custom kitchen.  We could have a bigger house for the same money, but bigger isn't always better and we enjoy our privacy.

8. I love old homes.  It is our dream to own an old home with a barn and beautiful country views.

9. I grew up around horses.  I love horses and started showing them at the age of 8.

10. I used to think that 30 was old.  Now that I'm 30, I think 80 is old.  My hope is that when I'm 80 I will realize that age is just a number and you're only as old as you feel.

11.  Before I was a professional photographer, I worked for my family's moving and storage company from the time I was 19.  I took care of the bookkeeping and general business duties.  My Dad fully trusted me with important details of his business.  When I wasn't bookkeeping or working in the office, I was responsible for employees, trucks, trailers, drivers, meeting with accountants, lawyers, working in the warehouse, working on a moving job, packing people's belongings...everything.  That's how family businesses work and I feel beyond grateful to have learned what it truly means to run a business.  Today, bookkeeping is one of the easiest aspects of my business.

12.  I come from a very proud family.  I've learned that pride can interfere at times, but I've also learned without pride there is no growth.

13.  I don't believe you need to graduate from college to be successful.

14.  I don't believe you need to listen to what everyone is doing to be successful.

15.  I have two older brothers.

16.  My Mom is my best friend.

17.  I don't have a lot of close friends.  I'm very reserved when it comes to my personal life.  I love listening to others, but rarely share too much.

18.  Even though I complain about it, I love working on houses and fixing them up.  When I'm walking our dog, Keira, in the morning, I think about what I would do to other people's homes.

19.  I love magazines, but rarely have time to read them.

20.  Aaron and I only dated for 9 months before we were engaged.  I can't imagine my life without him and I'm so thankful we married young and will be celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary in April.

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