Bobbi + Dave | Gettysburg, PA Photographer

Bobbi & Dave have been no stranger to this blog.  I have been blessed to shoot their State College engagement in 2011.  We traveled to Bradford, PA for their 2012 wedding.  And then they helped me out with my promo video.  When I was trying to think of the perfect couple for my promo video, they instantly came to mind.  These two are seriously the cutest, most lovable couple I've ever met.  Over the years, they have become more than just our clients; Aaron and I really consider them our friends.  They trust my crazy ideas, appreciate photography, and are the most amazing couple - so when Bobbi contacted me to shoot a 'just because' session, I couldn't have been more excited!

As usual, these two were SO photogenic and sweet in front of the camera :)  I only wish I could keep them around for my personal models whenever I see great light or find a new location.  But seriously, I can't wait for them to graduate from Penn State this year and see what the future holds for them.  Bobbi and Dave, thank you again for trusting me - you guys are truly the best!  

The light + location for this last set is amazing.
 Last shot of the night after sunset.  This was a requested shot from them and I love how it turned out.

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