The New Addition to the Camera Bag: Canon EOS 5DMarkIII

I've been toying with the idea for a while of upgrading my 5DMarkII, but kept making excuses.  My camera works fine, it's not time yet, it's a big investment, and so on.  But, as I'm about to enter the 4th wedding season with my camera and have shot WELL over 150,000 images with it, I no longer consider it trust worthy.  So I decided to purchase Canon's much-imporved version of it's 5D series: the Canon EOS 5DMarkIII.

I have to be honest, I hate change.  So looking at all the wear on my camera and thinking of all the places I've shot with it (the furthest being New Orleans), made me a little sad to think of retiring this trusty friend.  Well, that was until I took a few test images around my office with the MarkIII.  The difference in focusing is shocking.  I shot an object with the same settings, same lens on both cameras and the 5DMarkII was definitely soft compared to the 5DMarkIII, which has tack sharp focus. That in and of itself was worth the upgrade.  After seeing these early results, I happily put my old camera in the bag to be used as a back up to my back up.

All of the buttons have been changed around on the MarkIII, making it a little challenging to get used to, but I'm sure it will quickly be second nature to me.  I will be able to provide more feedback once I start using it, but I am excited to take advantage of the low light capabilities and bump up the ISO if necessary.  Also, and this is such a small detail, but I love how you can lock in your mode dial to M (or any other mode, but it should be M!) and it won't get accidentally bumped without you realizing it.  Kaila and Aaron can vouch for this, we've taken many a first shots on B and quickly changed it back :)

Can't wait to start using it in the coming weeks and especially for the start of the 2014 season!

Paired with it's perfect companion the 50mm 1.2

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