The Time I Second Shot | Lancaster, PA Wedding Photographer

If you ask most wedding photographers how they started out, they will tell you they started second shooting or assisting another photographer.  I didn't start out that way.  I was fortunate enough to be given an amazing opportunity with a special couple who trusted me to be their wedding photographer.  From there, I was blessed with several more amazing couples who also put all their trust in me.  Would it have been easier if I were able to work with an experienced wedding photographer first?  Sure.  But I believe that the way I learned and the experience I gained has brought me to where I am today.  That being said, I also didn't work with a second photographer until 2012.  Today it's standard to see two photographers shooting a wedding. I quickly learned how invaluable a second photographer is to telling the complete story of the day.  They are able to see other angles, things going on around the couple, and shoot details of the day in an efficient manner.  I will never shoot another wedding alone - second shooters are key to creating a great wedding day.
So.  When Caroline of Carrie Logan Photography asked me to second shoot for an upcoming wedding of hers, I was excited/flustered/nervous/unsure.  But mainly excited.  She was photographing a rather elaborate wedding and was hoping to have another professional wedding photographer shoot along side of her for the day.  I was so honored she asked me and couldn't wait to second shoot with her.  Olivia and Zack's wedding at Lancaster Trust was nothing short of amazing!  Check out Caroline's full blog post here.  
I think second shooting for Caroline really put into perspective what an important role this is.  Not only is the second shooter responsible for groom getting ready shots, but constantly looking for unique, interesting, story-telling angles.  It's really a fun challenge to work off another photographer's ideas and poses.  I enjoyed the experience and getting to work from another perspective for a day!

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