Brigid + Mike: Engaged | Wilmington, Delaware Wedding Photographer

Photographing Brigid + Mike's engagement session was a dream come true.  Not only did they pick a one of a kind location, but they are the most passionate couple I've ever seen.  Ever.  Mike can make Brigid laugh so easily and bring out this genuine smile that only true love can.  And likewise, Brigid elicits this super sweet and tender side of Mike.  When they were telling me how they met, I could see the excitement in their eyes.  I recognized this look very well.  The compelling need to get married soon after they met and fell in love was a similar story to my own and I completely understand the idea of 'why wait when you know'.  So, needless to say, photographing their love was a breeze.

The location was another stunning element of this session.  They live in Delaware and wanted to have their session in the area where Brigid lives.  She is extremely lucky to live on a beautiful piece of private property in the Brandywine Region.  I love all things vintage, interesting, historical, and unique so imagine my extreme delight to do what I love where I love.  Dream come true status.  When the session wrapped up and my feet were numb from the snow, all I could think was how blessed and truly lucky I am to meet such amazing people, hear their incredible love stories, and be a part of it all.  I wouldn't trade this for anything.  I am on pins and needles excited for their wedding day in a few short weeks.  I'm pretty sure there won't be a dry eye there, including my own.

We started off at this beautiful covered bridge, which was a bit of a challenge with the traffic, but we made it work :)
 Our next location was the Brandywine Creek State Park where they had their first date: a hike.
 This tower is where Mike proposed, so we had to incorporate a Brigid + Mike kind of way :)
 A quick outfit change and we picked up the pups at Brigid's cottage.  Meet Toby + Annie :)
 And then this happened.  While I was editing all I could think of "is this a scene out of The Notebook?"  Except there was snow on the ground, but the rain made it so romantic!

 No this is NOT a filter.  Thanks to some humid greenhouse air, my lens fogged up and created this amazing moment :)

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