Video Blogging Series | Episode One: Introduction

We're rolling out another brand new feature to the blog: video blogging!  I realize this somewhat defeats the purpose of a blog, which is almost like a journal and includes a lot of writing, but it's another way for me to personally address clients and prospective clients alike.  Don't get me wrong, I love writing (I graduated with a journalism degree with an emphasis on writing, after all), but I also love to mix things up and I want to put a face/voice to the photos.  I promise there is a person behind all this rambling and photo sharing :)

This is the introduction episode, but stay tuned for more video posts in the future in which we'll be discussing upcoming projects, changes, photography topics, and, of course, weddings.  Enjoy!

To view in HD: Jennifer Rotz Photography - Video Blog Series | Episode 1

Review of the important topics discussed in the episode:
  • Jennifer Rotz Photography had a great 2013!  Can't wait for the 2014 wedding season to begin.
  • We will be welcoming a new team member, making us a family of 4 :)
  • Soon we will be unveiling a new service that will allow us to offer our couples the full wedding experience.
  • Stay tuned for more video blog posts!

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