Madisyn + Adalynn

Adalynn turned the big ONE and got to celebrate with a photo session of her and her sister Madisyn!  These girls are so much fun and definitely little models-in-training.  Adalynn kept me on my feet the whole session and I was actually sore after our session..yes, that's pathetic, but with little to no time for exercising these quick one year olds keep me in shape!  And Madisyn was such a good big sister and loves her little sister so much!




I love how Madisyn snuck in a coy glance here!


See, I told you they are so sweet - wonder if it'll be like this when they're teens and stealing each other's clothes?!

This is one busy (and fast!) one year old - she had places to be and things to see!  Certainly no time for some silly photographer with a camera in her face!

Beautiful just like her mom!


One of my favorites from the session - absolutely gorgeous.  I don't do too many black and white outdoor photos, but this one was too good to resist!

Madisyn is so full of life!  She gave me a big hug when I arrived at their home and I knew from that point she was going to be so much fun.  It's also worth mentioning that she is without a doubt the most intelligent kid I've ever held a conversation with.  She was so inquisitive about my lenses - I was almost worried she might ask a question I didn't have an answer to!


Oh and she thought this was so cool - well, I do too!

Another favorite!  Love these girls - they're so cute it's ridiculous!

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