In case you don't know who Jasmine Star is (which I wouldn't expect you to unless you're a photographer or have a pretty nice budget for your wedding :), she is a big player in this new world of wedding photography.  Wedding photography has been around forever, obviously, but today things are so much different.  In fact, things have changed tremendously within the past 10 years alone.  When we hired a photographer to document our big day, the choices were pretty much all the same.  We picked the one who's style was what we were looking for and we clicked with the best.  But there was something missing.  I didn't realize it then, but I definitely do now.  Today there are a plethora of young fabulous wedding photographers who are taking that extra step, going the extra mile, and doing WAY more than just showing up on your wedding day with a camera in hand.  They are connecting with their clients and becoming a part of their life, not just their day.     

And I find this truly inspiring

So last night myself and three other local photographers piled into my car (with two more following us!) and drove to DC to meet Jasmine Star and see her talk.  She wants to change the business, throw out all the "rules" and do things HER way.  And I love that because it's time.  That doesn't mean I don't respect or understand the basic concepts of what makes a great photograph, in fact you must understand these rules in order to break them in the first place.  But it means it's okay to freshen up the industry and create your business to reflect who you are and the type of art you want to create.  I have felt this way since the inception of my business and love that it's the wave of the future.  Change is good.  Say it with me...change. is. good.  It's hard to say and even harder to do, but I think change is paramount to success.  Even if you don't really have a huge interest in wedding photography OR photography in general, still check out her blog and website to see how incorporating more of YOU in your business can go a long way.

My favorite quote of the night: "Sacrifice doesn't guarantee success, it's merely a prequisite for success".  That quote stopped me in my tracks.  I mean for real?  Running a successful business requires sacrifice.  And just when you thought you didn't have anything left to give up, that last drop will be sucked dry.  I know this through and through.  I know this because I'm just now really scimming the surface of this concept and I know this because my family has been in business for a long time. 

Oh, and yes, she happens to be gorgeous as well!  Definitely not your parent's wedding photographer :)  But don't be mislead, running a business you LOVE doesn't always = sparkly dresses, I'm sure she's seen her fair share of loooong wedding days too! 

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Jasmine (March 9, 2012 at 1:30 PM)  

Thank you SO much for coming out...can't wait to see all the changes you'll make! :)

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