A Week In Review | Edition 2

So far so good with my new pledge to blog more frequently!  I'm excited to share another Week In Review with you guys and give you a little look see into our more than likely boring but busy life!  And once again there are more iPhone photos here than not :)

We LOVE to scope out wedding venues for upcoming weddings we are shooting.  So when one of my August brides asked if I would like to check out The Nittany Inn in State College, I was all YES!  This venue is gorgeous and I cannot wait to shoot here.  This is the amazing courtyard.  Wouldn't it be absolutely perfect for a 'First Look' :)

Because I apparently have an issue with being super efficient, I made plans with one of my October couples for their engagement session at Mt. Nittany Winery.  Another gorgeous winery and couple.  Looooved this session :)

After a fabulous dinner with friends and a good night sleep, I was up super early and back on the road home.  Armed with a big Starbucks and a GPS I can do anything.

I love to travel, but I love being home too.  We're totally taking advantage of all the fresh veggies this time of year.  I love summer time cooking!

Speaking of summer....Happy first day of summer!  I love these flowers on our front porch and the light is always amazing in the evening.

We officially had our first heat wave of the year.  ICK.  Not a fan of these temperatures, but what's worse is the humidity.  Every summer I swear I'm moving north and every winter I swear I'm moving south.  But I actually think Pennsylvania pretty much has the best climate in the country, guess I'm stuck :)

We met with a new bride + groom in Gettysburg at The Pub and Restaurant.  I'm always amazed at how gorgeous this place is.  The food is great too!  We enjoyed dinner, drinks, and wedding talk.  Seriously, it doesn't get much better!

Oh, aaaand I got to wear my new necklace.  Don't be alarmed if you see multiple pictures of me wearing it in the near future.  I'm currently obsessed.

Once the heat wave broke, I was FINALLY able to enjoy a brisk walk in the morning.  There is no better way to get work done than start your morning with a great walk!

And Saturday was a fabulous wedding.  I LOVE this couple.  They are super sweet, have a great family, awesome friends, and they're just...FUN.  So we were able to let our creative juices flow a bit :)

Their reception took place at Wilson College...such a beautiful campus!

The day after a wedding we usually do totally random things.  Somehow we ended up feeding the ducks.  I have no idea how our day's events led up to this, but why not.  I'm pretty sure Aaron was starting to get scared at this point.  

There's also a lot of this the day after a wedding...

And, finally, I was SO happy to write this check for the Operation Smile mini-sessions I shot earlier in the spring.  $240 is enough to pay for one child's much-needed surgery to repair a cleft palate.  I could not be any more thankful to the amazing clients who participated in this event.

I'll be back next Monday with some more random, useless information :)  Have a fabulous week!!

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