Defining A Style

Back in 2009 when our newly engaged (and apparently BRAVE) friends agreed to let me shoot an engagement session of them, I really had no idea what my style was.  I know what looked good and what appealed to me, but I really didn't have the know-how to accomplish it.  Seriously, I just yesterday looked at the pictures and cringed.  A lot.  But I definitely smiled a lot too because I know now what I was trying to convey then.  Plus, come on, they're FABULOUS!


Fast forward to 2012, I know exactly what my style is and exactly what I want to shoot.  I am absolutely blessed beyond belief to be able to capture amazing moments at weddings, little giggles from children, and a look that only a mom or dad can recognize.  And the more time passes, the more I attract clients who identify with my style.  There are no words to describe how great it is when a client who obviously follows my blog or Facebook page, says something along the lines of "she follows the light, that's why this is a good spot" during a session.  I have to control myself from running up and giving them a big hug for paying attention to my style and what I love.

Photography has definitely changed and evolved.  I mean, really, EVERYONE is a photographer.  That doesn't really bother me because I know not everyone has the same style as me or the next photographer.  That's the beauty of it, your style is like your fingerprint.  Everyone has a unique one and is clearly attracted to different things.  Even during my friends' e-session in 2009, I knew I liked the natural, unposed portraits and I still do today.  I have defined the brand of my business around it, BUT I've learned a lot since then.  I know that not all couples or families are going to just jump in front of the camera and produce something amazing.  I definitely give direction during all my sessions and I think this further gives my photos a certain style that is me.  After the shutter is clicked and the session is over, however, it is my clients that produce the amazing images.  I can't believe the beautiful interaction between people so in love and the fact that it's forever documented.  There are times that I cull through my images and can't help but smile, laugh, gasp, or even cry at what has been captured.

For me, nothing is more rewarding than producing an image that truly defines love.  And no matter what camera or lenses I use, this will always be my style.      

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