Up + Running

What a crazy week it's been! 

Just as we packed up the last lens from our wedding on June 30th, I took a deep breath and knew I had the month of July to catch up on editing, album designs, my office (it's f'real scary in there), and life.  Yes internet, I had FOUR weekends without a single wedding.  Although I was a little sad because I LOVE shooting weddings, I was also pretty excited to spend a few weekends enjoying the summer and just being

Well that lasted for one day.

I'm pretty sure my body was holding out on me during the crazy wedding season of April-June (seriously, wedding photographers aren't aloud to be sick.  Duh.), so literally the day after our last weekend I hit a brick wall and came down with the nobody-wants-it cold in the middle of a major heat/humidity wave in July.  Great.  But I took a stroll down the bright side and was just thankful for no weddings that following weekend.  Well, the bright side ended on July 4th when I received a scary phone call from my Mom that she took a spill off her horse and hurt her back.  Four hours spent in the emergency room later, we left with the unsettling news that my Mom broke her L1 and L2 vertebrae.  My Mom is NOT one to sit back and relax, so in order to force the doctor's orders on her, we moved in for 7 days until her sister was able to fly in from CO.  So after a flurry of doctor's appointments, CT scans, and X-rays, I'm slowly getting back on track.  Please bear with me while I switch gears back to photog-mode :) 

Since I finally had a spare moment, I looked at the calendar and called it a liar.  July 11th already?  Summer, where are you GOING?      

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