A Little Update

I'm so excited to introduce our new logo!  Thank you (times 1,000,000!) to Worx Graphic Design for truly listening to me and knowing EXACTLY what I want when I don't even know what I want.  I designed my old logo before I even started my business and it's seen me through some wonderful times, but as my business has changed (and I have changed) it was time to do something about the old logo.  When I designed the old logo, I had NO idea why or what I wanted, just something that looked appealing to me.  But I now realize it's not just suppose to look pretty.  It needs to serve a purpose.  It needs to convey who I am and what type of photography I love and therefore attract clients who love the same type of photography.  So without further adieu...

Gorgeous, right?!  It's not a huge change, just a little update and a much needed breath of fresh air.  I have so many gorgeous weddings and sessions to share with you in the coming weeks, plus updates of Keira and everday life.  Until then, I'll be basking in the beauty of my new logo :)

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