Baby Piper | Chambersburg, PA Newborn Photographer

Some newborn sessions are lifestyle based and some are portrait based.  This one was definitely more portrait based and that is perfectly wonderful considering Piper is an amazing little baby!  She slept the ENTIRE session.  It was shocking and exciting all at the same time :)  I gave Mom the usual simple instructions: warm house and feed her right before I come.  She did both and it worked like a charm.

There is hardly anything better than a brand new, squishy newborn.  Just the happiness and joy on Mom and Dad's face made me smile the rest of the day.  And especially with a family as special as this one, I was set for the week :)

Piper is such a smiley baby too!  Of course that comes with it's little surprises, especially while working with a naked baby :)  But it's worth it for these precious shots!

Big brother is just smitten with his new sister. 

Seleen Shives (October 9, 2012 at 6:27 PM)  

A beautiful little subject makes for even more beautiful photos Jen! These are so cute! My personal favorite: the 10th one down - those plump little cheeks, bow mouth and gorgeous pink skin - I can almost smell that newborn baby smell!

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