Moments | The Best of 2013 Weddings

When I think back to the 2013 wedding season, I can't help but smile as I remember all the amazing people we met.  These amazing people were not only our brides and grooms, but their bridal party, family, and friends as well.  Every wedding we photograph has unique details (the dress, shoes, flowers, invitations, rings, bridal party, etc.) and we are always sure to document them.  But when I look through a wedding to choose the best photos for my couples, it's always the moments that make me happy and thankful.

I know all of my couple's stories.  They all have one and they are all so personal.  And even though it's not the theme of their day, it's truly what makes their day memorable.  If we don't preserve these moments, they risk being lost forever.  It's for this very reason that I chose my "Best of" blog post to focus on my favorite moments of 2013.  Each of the photos tell a story within the frame.  My clients know the story and I know the story because I took the time to care about them.  I could very easily post the beautiful portraits or details we photographed, but those images will never showcase our couples as well as the moments documented.  And this is where I truly find my inspiration.

 The bride's brother was deployed and unable to attend the wedding, but he was able to be there via Skype.
 These long time friends were united as family on their children's wedding day.
 The bride's mom had a life threatening illness before the wedding, but through a medical miracle she recoved and was able to attend the wedding.

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